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Shaker Classic exhibitions take place multiple times per day (after tournament mode). You must activate your match by clicking the "+" button next to your request on the "My Requests" page.

Banned users: spermythecat, snakehands, ghostyghost, anoxy, icray1, nosoup4u, tmstage, richterthehunter

# Requester Match Note Best Of Requested
1 RainyJakeisaboss Mettaton neo vs Roaring leona N/A 1 1/19/20
2 ashintar Son gohan EX3 vs Cell is gonna blow! N/A 1 1/19/20
3 RugalLoyalty Yuna vs Colossus mvc2 ex N/A 3 1/19/20
4 Theuber Soda popinski vs Roaring leona Soda vs S tournament winner sorry bgo 3 1/19/20