Salty Gold

Salty Gold Perks
1 Month

4 Months

1 Year

1 Year + WWO
Bailout increases to $3,000
Gold username and custom avatar
Create exhibition match requests and access the compendium
Access your betting history, previous tournaments, and character stats
WAIFU WARS Bullet Hell + Bounties +10% +30% +120%
WAIFU WARS ONLINE + Bounties +120%
Name Change Request
Salty Coins +Salty Bucks (150 Coins = Lifetime Gold!) 5 +$50K 15 +$150K 60 +$600K
Select Membership:   $4.99   $14.99
Save 25%!
Save 50%!

Salty Gold recipient:

Salty Bet is purely for entertainment purposes and no real money will be paid out. Salty Bucks are only used to play Salty Bet, they are not an actual currency and do not have value. Your access to exhibition match requests, the forum, Discord, or WWO may be removed at any time by a site moderator. Access to stats may be removed for excessive usage. WAIFU WARS ONLINE is currently in development and may have downtime and frequent required updates.